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Key Facts

Who is it for?

Workers from approved source countries in the construction, manufacturing, marine shipyard, process or services sector.

What is the duration?

Up to 2 years, depending on the validity of the worker's passport, security bond and employment period.

What are the approved sources?

You can only employ workers from Malaysia, China, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Myanmar, Philippines, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea and Taiwan.

Who can apply?

First Konnection is a licensed employment agency who can help you with the work permit application. 

Is it renewable?

Yes, it is renewable. You should renew a work permit 7 to 12 weeks before it expires. 

Is medical insurance required?

Employers must purchase medical insurance for all migrant workers employed. The insurance cost cannot be borne by the workers and details must be submitted prior to work permit issuance.

What is the qualifying salary?

Unlike other work passes, there is no minimum qualifying salary required for work permit applications.

Any quota and levy?

Yes. Employers are limited by a quota for their industry and have to pay a monthly levy for each worker. 

Do I need to purchase a Primary Care Plan?

Employers must purchase a Primary care Plan for workers who stay in dormitories that can accommodate more than 7 workers or work in construction, marine  shipyard and process sectors. 

Documents Required For Application

The following documents are required for the application of a Work Permit:


1. Personal particulars page of candidate’s passport.

If the applicant’s name on the passport is different from that on their other documents, an explanation letter and supporting documents (e.g. deed poll) are required.

2. Company’s latest business profile or instant information registered with ACRA.

3. Applicant's educational certificates. 

4. Written consent from the applicant allowing the company to apply on his or her behalf. 

5. Any additional documents required by MOM. 

Work Permit Renewal

Work Permit should be renewed 7 to 12 weeks before it expires. Otherwise, an overstaying fine will be imposed. If the worker plans to travel overseas just before the Work Permit expiry date, the Work Permit has to be renewed before he leaves Singapore.

Renewal Requirements

The following documents and information are required for the renewal: 

1. Scanned copy of the personal particulars page of the worker’s passport (including pages that have amendments).

2. New security bond (for non-Malaysian workers).

3. Extended worker's medical insurance. 

4. Work Permit renewal notice and application form. 

5. Details for card delivery (only if the notification letter states that the worker will be getting a new card).

6. If the workers require the Primary Care Plan (PCP), employers need to complete the following steps before renewing: 


  • After receiving the Work Permit renewal notice, buy the PCP for workers who either stay in dormitories (that can accommodate 7 or more workers) or work in the CMP sectors.

  • Before the Work Permit can be renewed, declare the PCP purchase on WP Online.

7. Workers who meet any of the following conditions need to meet vaccination requirements to be considered for a Work Permit renewal:

  • Work in the Construction, Marine shipyard and Process (CMP) sectors.

  • Stay in dormitories.

Our Package

Work Permit Application



For Work Permit renewal and cancellation, get in touch with us to find out more.

Application for Work Permit Registration Account

Work Permit Application Fee (Paid to MOM)

Work Permit Issuance Fee (Paid to MOM)

Preparation and Submission of Documents for Application

Progress-tracking of Application Status

Liaise with Officer from MOM

Respond to MOM's Request for Additional Information

Arrangement for Medical Examination

Medical Examination Fee (Paid to Clinic)

Updating of National Immunisation Registry (Paid to Clinic)

Arrangement for Fingerprint Registration and Photo-taking

Uploading of Documents for Pass Issuance

Submission of Appeal (If Required)

Card Collection on Behalf of Applicant (If Required)

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