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First Konnection offers a seamless solution, empowering companies to excel by outsourcing their employee management needs. With a proven track record of efficiency and innovation, we provide comprehensive services tailored to meet the unique demands of each organisation. From payroll administration to claim management, our seasoned professionals harness cutting-edge technology and industry best practices to streamline operations, minimise risks, and maximise productivity.

Outsource Your Employee Management

Payroll Processing

Payroll Processing

We automate the labour-intensive aspects of payroll, thereby reducing mistakes from manual calculations and data entry. Our payroll packages include payroll computation, net salary and CPF disbursements, preparation and filing of monthly CPF contributions and pay slip preparation.

Calendar for Leave Management

Leave Management

The complexity of the different manpower laws might be overwhelming when managing employee leaves of absence, especially if it is not your main concern. Trust the professionals at First Konnection to handle the challenges of compliance when it comes to changing leave legislation, paid time off, company paid sick leave, and more.

Receipt for Claims Management

Claim Management

From initial submission to resolution, our streamlined approach ensures accuracy, transparency, and compliance with relevant regulations. We provide robust systems for claim tracking, documentation, and communication, enabling employers to manage claims seamlessly while minimizing risks and liabilities.


Employee Database

At First Konnection, we specialise in simplifying employee database management. Our solution ensures organised, secure, and accessible employee information throughout the lifecycle. With cutting-edge technology and seamless processes, we centralise records, track metrics, and generate insightful reports effortlessly, allowing you to focus on strategic goals with confidence.


Timesheet & Attendance

We help to streamline timesheet and attendance monitoring, as well as scheduling, empowering employers to efficiently manage workforce operations. Through our user-friendly platforms, we provide seamless tools for tracking employee hours, monitoring attendance, and generating accurate timesheets effortlessly. Our scheduling features enable flexible and optimised workforce management, facilitating efficient allocation of resources and ensuring compliance with labor regulations. 



We streamline employment law compliance in Singapore by managing the submission of IR8A and IR21 income tax forms with precision and efficiency. Our expert team navigates the intricate requirements of Singapore's tax regulations, ensuring accurate and timely submissions on behalf of employers. By meticulously handling the compilation and filing process, we help businesses mitigate the risk of penalties and maintain compliance with tax authorities. 

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