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First Konnection believes every child deserves the chance to learn and grow. That's why we join World Vision in their fight for equal access to education. Education unlocks potential, empowers individuals, and builds a brighter future. By supporting World Vision, First Konnection helps break down barriers that keep children out of classrooms, ensuring all kids have the opportunity to thrive through the power of knowledge.

Supporting Education Initiatives

Making a Difference

First Konnection goes beyond business. We dedicate 3% of net profits to World Vision, ensuring every child has the key to a brighter future: education. By investing in essential supplies, improved facilities, and innovative teaching, we empower children, break down barriers, and build a world where knowledge is for all.  Join us in making a difference, one child, one education at a time.

Contributing to the Education Fund

We donate to World Vision's Education Fund which helps to empower remote communities by equipping schools with better resources, facilities, and teaching methods, ultimately reducing dropout rates and improving learning for all children.


Purchasing Everyday Essentials

We contribute to World Vision by providing essential school items like notebooks, pens, backpacks, and other necessities, ensuring children have the tools they need for academic success.

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Sponsoring a Child

Through child sponsorship, we transform the life of a child by providing access to education, healthcare, nutrition, and other vital resources, empowering them to reach their full potential and break the cycle of poverty.

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