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The Rise of the Gig Economy: Transforming Education Recruitment in Singapore

Updated: Apr 29

The gig economy has become a prominent force in various industries, including education. This trend has significantly impacted the recruitment of teachers, leading to a shortage of available candidates for hire. In this blog article, we will explore how the gig economy has caused this shortage and discuss strategies for schools and learning centres to overcome this challenge.

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Understanding the Gig Economy

The gig economy refers to a labor market characterised by the prevalence of short-term contracts and freelance work. This model allows individuals to work on a flexible basis, taking on multiple jobs or projects simultaneously. The rise of online platforms and technological advancements has facilitated the growth of the gig economy, enabling individuals to promote their skills and services in a global marketplace.

Gig Economy's Impact on Education Recruitment

The gig economy has transformed the traditional job market, and education recruitment is no exception. With the flexibility and freedom it offers, many teachers are now opting for gig-based opportunities, such as tutoring, online teaching, part-time or short-term teaching contracts. As a result, schools and learning centres are facing a shortage of qualified teachers available for full-time positions.

Factors Contributing to the Shortage

#1 Competitive Compensation

It is widely known that teachers are often overworked and underpaid. This is especially true in Singapore where teachers in public schools are expected to manage class sizes of 40, and even possibly beyond that, while expected to deliver academic results, come up with engaging school programmes, oversee and some times plan extracurricular activities after school, attend staff development courses and participate in learning circles to create interesting lesson plans and study various pedagogical approaches to learning. The list in non-exhaustive, and it definitely sounds exhausting just listing everything here.

Learning centres are no exception either. Centre Teachers might be required to work retail hours, i.e. long hours and over the weekends, often with low salaries and poor staff welfare benefits. It is no wonder that teachers are drawn to the gig economy.

Gig-based teaching opportunities often offer competitive compensation, especially in specialised areas like online tutoring. A certified and experienced teacher is able to command a fee of $50/hour, or even more. This financial incentive certainly can attract teachers away from traditional teaching roles.

#2 Flexibility & Autonomy

Teachers are increasingly drawn to the gig economy due to the ability to choose their working hours and locations which is not possible when working for an employer. This flexibility allows them to pursue other interests, such as entrepreneurship or personal projects, while still earning an income.

#3 Work-life Balance

The gig economy allows teachers to achieve a better work-life balance by giving them greater control over their schedules. This flexibility caters to their personal needs and reduces burnout.

Overcoming the Shortage

#1 Offer Attractive Benefits

To compete with gig-based opportunities, schools and learning centres should consider offering additional benefits and incentives to attract and retain full-time teachers. These may include professional development opportunities, competitive salaries, and flexible working arrangements. Listen to the feedback provided by your employees and staff and come up with initiatives that can improve their work arrangements and well-being. Not only will this help schools and learning centres retain their staff, it will also be able to attract more talent.

#2 Embrace Online Platforms

Schools and learning centres can tap into the gig economy by utilising online platforms that connect with qualified teachers seeking short-term or remote teaching opportunities. These platforms provide a vast pool of talent and allow schools and learning centres to overcome geographical limitations.

#3 Focus on Their Professional Development

Career development and advancement are lacking in most learning centres. If employees do not see that there are any or limited career advancement opportunities and their employers are not interested in their professional development, they will not be motivated to stay on. To retain staff and attract talent, schools and learning centres can provide clear tracks for career growth, send staff for training and courses and even offer sponsorships.

#4 Promote Teaching as a Fulfilling Career

Schools and learning centres should promote teaching as a rewarding and fulfilling career option. Highlighting the impact teachers have on students' lives and the opportunities for professional growth can attract more individuals to pursue teaching as a long-term profession.

Need Help Attracting Talent?

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