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A one-stop service provider, First Konnection provides end-to-end Business Support Services to both foreign and local companies in the country. We optimise your business potential through a combination of one-stop solutions and tailored services. Lower your costs and save time with our professional services ranging from human resource outsourcing services, company registration to tax and accounting services. Whatever your needs are, we’ve got you covered.

Our Services


Human Resource Management

First Konnection offers professional Human Resource Outsourcing services to help companies better manage their employees and improve their HR processes. With our experience overseeing compliance with government human resources regulations, you can be assured your workforce management is in good hands.

Global Mobility Services

Relocating professionals, families, and individuals might present an administrative challenge. With First Konnection's committed mobility professionals, every aspect of the relocation is covered, taking the worry out of foreign assignments. We move people quickly and painlessly while complying with all legal requirements. 


New Location Startup Services

We understand the challenges and headaches that come with expanding into foreign markets. First Konnection provides advisory services and business support to help companies move across borders with ease while ensuring statutory compliance is met. Our packages are highly affordable, giving you the bang for the buck.


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