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Professional Education Recruitment Specialist 


First Konnection is a leading specialist education recruitment agency that provides recruitment and business solutions to companies in the education industry located both locally and regionally. Licensed by the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore, First Konnection has developed into a top recruitment firm for enterprises of all sizes, offering specialised turnkey solutions and invaluable advice to meet our clients' needs.

Recruiting for the Education Industry

Partner with an Education Specialist

In-depth industry knowledge

In-Depth Industry Knowledge

As education recruitment specialists, we possess intricate understanding of the education sector's unique requirements, trends and challenges. We are well-versed in the qualifications, certifications and skills required for different job positions. Hence, the candidates we put out to you are not only well-qualified but also aligned with your company's mission and values.

precision in candidate searches

Precision in Candidate Searches

Our expertise allows us to conduct more focused and efficient candidate searches. We have extensive networks and databases specific to the education sector. This results in a more targeted recruitment process where your company will be presented with a pool of candidates who meet the exact requirements of the job. This targeted approach can help you save the time and resources that would otherwise be spent sifting through unsuitable candidates.  

ensuring candidate quality

Ensuring Candidate Quality

Quality matters more than quantity in recruitment. When sourcing and screening educators, our education specialists are skilled at assessing not only the technical qualifications of candidates but also their soft skills, such as communication, interpersonal and conflict resolution abilities. We understand the intricacies of teaching and learning processes and can discern candidates who are not just knowledgeable but also effective educators. 

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